Cathy Horyn tells how readers contribute to her blog

October 17th, 2010 by bruno boutot
“these are the kinds of comments and the kind of fashion writing we would love to have.” #

Cathy Horyn by David Shankbone #

Cathy Horyn, photo by David Shankbone, via Wikimedia Commons
In an interview in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times’ fashion critic Cathy Horyn talks about her exchanges with the readers of her blog, On The Runway: #

So we’re looking at the collections journalistically, and in a very timely way, and then everybody gets to talk about it right away. And that’s what matters to people. Last February in Milan, we had a really great discussion about Prada and postmodernism. She did those very round-shaped full skirts, and the girls looked very meaty. Marko came on with this really great post about how it reminded him of his grandmother or his mother or something, about how they dressed, and it was really well done. Then this other person came on talking about feminism and socialism and what it was before the Berlin Wall and after the wall, and it was really smart. I was like, I never thought about that. And maybe I wouldn’t have thought about it, not being European and not having that experience. She wrote it in such a nice, interesting way, and I thought that these are the kinds of comments and the kind of fashion writing we would love to have. The blog is great for that. That’s when all the very interesting and quirky and cranky people come on. #

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