I became that which watched broadcast television

August 23rd, 2011 by bruno boutot
I can remember seeing the emergence of broadcast television, but I can’t tell what it did to us because I became that which watched broadcast television. #

William Gibson
the Paris Review 197 #

And somehow I knew that the notional space behind all the computer screens would be one single universe. #

idem #

In the cities, the past, the present and the future can all be totally adjacent. #

ibidem #

Cities look to me to be our most characteristic technology. We didn’t really get interesting as a species until we became able to do cities — that’s when it all go really diverse, because you can’t do cities without a substrate of other technologies. There is a mathematics to it — a city can’t get over a certain size unless you can grow, gather, and store a certain amount of food in the vicinity. Then you can’t get any bigger unless you understand how to do sewage. If you don’t have efficient sewage technology the city goes to a certain size and everybody gets cholera. #

ibidem #


William Gibson – Photo Michael O’Shea/G.P. Putnam/Canadian Press

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