Readers should be half of the newsroom

April 22nd, 2008 by bruno boutot
I think the Times has to decide on radical reinvention, a new architecture. You can guess my starting points: a networked structure, a distributed strategy, a community plan. #

Jarvis also refers to suggestions he made last month to the Times, using a quote from Fred Wilson: #

The Times should create and sell quality collaborative networks and expand the brand around its value: reporting. (…) And it has to become the product of collaboration with networks and independent professionals and its audience. #

The tone may sound apocalyptic, but creating a community is not such a gigantic enterprise: MetaFilter, for example, generates 9.9 millions page views per month and is managed by 4 people. In fact, considering the hardship of mass media on the Web, the cost of creating a community is minimal. #


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