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August 8th, 2008 by bruno boutot
Part of the training of a Special Circumstances agent was learning a) that the rules were supposed to be broken sometimes, b) just how to go about breaking the rules, and c) how to get away with it, whether the rule-breaking had led to a successful outcome or not. Matter #

Kevin Kelly: #

Payment is
1) A way of connecting.
2) A sign of approval.
3) A vote.
4) It indicates an allegiance with the maker.
5) It feels good to the payer, to support.
People buy stuff, but what we all crave are relationships. Payment is an elemental type of relationship. #

Jeff Jarvis
: #

Connectivity is a platform for society. #

Paul Bradshaw: #

Now I’m not peddling that old cliché that “everyone is a journalist” – but rather arguing that the process of journalism itself is increasingly open to deconstruction: the tools of researching, recording, publishing and distribution can now be broken up and distributed between teams of organised readers. #

W.L. Gore (via Jean Fahmy): #

3. Everyone can lead
Without rank, it gives every employee the opportunity to be a leader. #


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